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Data Data +  (3rd of 5th) TrackSo RS485 +
Data – (5th or 6th) TrackSo RS485 –
Power 12V  (1st Pin) TrackSo Power

connect trackso with delta inverter via  RS485 / RS232/ RJ45 port for remote monitoring via IOT Platform
Pin Assignment
1 VCC (+12 V; 0.5 A)
3 DATA+ (RS485)
4 DATA– (RS485)
5 DATA+ (RS485)
6 DATA– (RS485)

For connecting RS485, terminals 3/4 or 5/6 are used. It does not matter which pair of terminals you use. The second pair you only need when you connect multiple inverters via RS485

Data format Baud rate – 9600, 19200, 38400; Standard: 19200

Data bits – 8

Stop bit- 1

Parity – not applicable

Termination resistor = ON

Supported Models

All Delta Models: RPI-H3, RPI-H5, RPI-M6A, RPI-M10A, RPI-M15A, RPI-M20A, RPI-M30A, RPI-M50A