Data Pin 6 or Pin 8 TrackSo Data +
Pin 7 or Pin 3 TrackSo Data –
Power Pin 4 or Pin 5 TrackSo Ground
Pin 1 or Pin 2 TrackSo Power

connect trackso with Goodwe inverter via  RS485 / RS232/ RJ45 port for remote monitoring via IOT Platform

For single inverter communication, put on the 120ohm termination resistor dip switch near RJ45 port. (The default is OFF).Then shielding layer of communication cable is single point grounding

inverters of statcon utl consul neowatt with remote monitoring services of trackso via rs484 and rs232 port

Supported Models

All Goodwe models: GW09K-DT, GW10K-DT, GW12K-DT, GW15K-DT, GW17K-DT, GW20K-DT, GW25K-DT