Data Pin 1 + Pin 4 TrackSo Data +
Pin 2 + Pin 5 TrackSo Data –
Power Adapter TrackSo Power
Modbus Ground

According to the standard line sequence TIA/EIA 568B, connect the wire to the plug of RJ45, and then use a network cable crimping tool to make it tight. Among the network cables, pin 1 (white and orange) and pin4 (blue) is for RS485 +A; pin 2 (orange) and pin 5 (white and blue) is for RS485B

connect trackso with polycab inverter via  RS485 / RS232/ RJ45 port for remote monitoring via IOT Platform

Supported Models

All Polycab models: PSIS-1K, PSIS-1.5K, PSIS-2K, PSIS-3K, PSIS-4K, PSIS-5K, PSIT-6K, PSIT-10K, PSIT-15K, PSIT-20K, PSIT-25K, PSIT-36K, PSIT-40K