Data Data +Ve Short 1st and 3rd Wire
Data – Ve Short 2nd and 6th wire
Power +7V Pin 7 or Pin 8
GND Pin 4 or Pin 5
connect trackso with zever solar inverter via  RS485 / RS232/ RJ45 port for remote monitoring via IOT Platform

Supported Models

All Zeversolar Inverters : Eversol TL1000,Eversol TL1500, Eversol TL2000, Eversol TL3000, Evershine TLC4000, Evershine TLC5000, Evershine TLC6000, Evershine TLC8000, Evershine TLC10000, Evershine TLCS15K, Evershine TLCS17K, Evershine TLC20K, Zeverlution Pro 33K,