GreenLabs Solar Ambassador Fellowship

Are you a college student passionate about renewable energy? Are you interested to lead your college students to learn about solar, not just theoretically but in absolute practical way? If the opportunity to implement your learning in a real life situation interests you, then FSGL wants to help you make it happen.

GreenLab’s Solar Ambassador Programme is a yearlong fellowship that gives college students the opportunity to work with FSGL team, multiple NGOs and fellow students to learn and implement clean energy solutions in real life. We are looking for creative, passionate and resourceful college students who can lead a whole campus to make a switch to clean energy. If you are eager to spread solar, we would love to meet you over coffee!

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  • The team is comprised of maximum of two students from each college who would be enrolled for the yearlong program. Students from any branch can apply for the fellowship. This is NOT specific to just Electrical, Electronics or Mechanical students.
  • The team completes the program application.
  • The team starts working on the Solar Education Initiative (SEI) in their respective college.
  • The team would successfully initiate the Solar Workshop Drive with its first workshop.
  • The team completes the SEI application.

The teams and organizations that are most poised for success, will be formally invited for our yearly meet in Delhi, India.

During the academic year, FSGL will help all the Ambassador Teams to bring SEI to fruition. FSGL team will train the ambassadors on introducing the event, funding, crowd funding, marketing and event management.

  • All the events conducted under SEI will be free of cost for the Ambassadors.
  • Ambassadors will receive a certificate on successful completion of their fellowship.
  • Ambassadors can ask for recommendation on the LinkedIn profile, whenever required.
  • Ambassadors will receive free products/goodies launched by the company.
  • Ambassadors will be invited for the yearly meetup in Delhi to talk about the Programme and share their experience to improve the programme. This will be an all-expenses paid trip.

Solar Education Initiative

Learn more about the whole yearlong program. Understand what you’re taking on your shoulders and let’s work together to make it happen.

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GreenLabs Solar Fellows

Solar Ambassador - Archarya Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Aftab Jahan Begum: Archaya Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Solar Ambassador - Delhi Technological University, Delhi

Abhishek Dhyani: Delhi Technological University, Delhi

Solar Ambassador: JNU, Delhi

Akanksha Saini: Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi


  • Campus Ambassadors can initiate SEI in their campus anytime.
  • Once the fellowship begins, the Ambassador is required to create a road map to complete the yearlong SEI in his/her campus.

Reap the Rewards (Referral Program)

Each time someone you refer becomes a Campus Ambassador with successful first event in his/her campus, you’ll get INR 3000 bonus above all the other benefits.

It’s that easy. We’ll send the reward checks directly to you.

Be the GreenLab’s Solar Ambassador

Lead your college to learn and switch to clean energy. Help change the world.

For any doubts on queries, shoot us an email at and we will try our best to keep you motivated.

GreenLabs Ambassador