Do gadgets that harness solar energy excite you or does design and constructing some cool gadgets which can create an alternate source of power make you wonder ” Is this really possible “? then this event is for you.


1. Participants will be provided with a DIY (Do it Yourself) Kit to develop a solar-powered charging device on their own. By saying ‘on their own’ we mean from designing the circuit on paper to fixing each and every component on the circuit board.
2. Participants will also be provided with a Solar Mobile Phone Charger, a product provided by us to the students to keep as a part of Solar Education Initiative.
3. Goodies


The course structure is uniquely designed to fulfil needs of college students. The workshop includes small interactive sessions on a variety of issues such as calculating energy expenditures of different devices, design of low power charging circuits, design and implementation of a solar mobile phone charger, its troubleshooting, etc.


1. Basics of solar energy & its applications. This includes types of solar cells, different ways to harness solar energy, advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, its limitations, developments in the recent times and introduction to some simple and easy to use applications.
2. A Practical Session where each & every student will make a solar-powered mobile phone charging the device as a part of the course. All the underlining theory will be explained. Students will also be engaged in its troubleshooting.
3. A demonstration of our products developed for rural areas where students can watch, assemble and understand the working of those products.


1. Certification
2. Interested students will get a chance to showcase their talents in National Level Competitions and conferences orgranized by Green Labs.
3. A chance to work on future projects funded by Green Labs.

Date- 8th July 2017
Timings – 9 AM to 5 PM

Fee – Rs 1300

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DIY Kit includes
1) Solar Panel
2) Solar Mobile Phone Charging kit (unassembled)-
3) Solar Mobile Phone Charger (end product for regular u

Solar Charger in action-

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