Smart Solar Grid illuminates areas of Maharajganj,Uttar Pradesh

Smart Solar Grid illuminates areas of Maharajganj,Uttar Pradesh

People who were purchasing electricity from diesel generators till now by paying daily amount have now started buying electricity from the Smart Solar Grid.

Electricity which was being generated by the diesel generators cause of a lot of air pollution and on this side this smart solar grid is bringing a revolution in how a grid is managed and used for electricity distribution.

FS Green Labs will electrify 600+ regions of eastern Uttar Pradesh in partnership with Amical Consultancy and the first Smart Solar Microgrid has been installed in Mujuri Naka.

Solar Plant Based on Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring Techniques

FS Green Labs has developed its own cloud-based remote monitoring and control system – TrackSo , using which any solar microgrid can be managed and controlled remotely through the internet.

TrackSo is a cloud-based management and analytics platform to track the performance, to spot or predict failures and conduct possible maintenance, giving full control of the system without actually being present there.

Apart from making payments cashless, it also helps in the planning of future maintenance based on collected data.

Benefits of such smart systems

  • 70% solar street lights are not working in Uttar Pradesh, such monitoring system can help in the maintenance of these street lights.
  • Notifications are sent to customer and technical installer via Email and SMS when any issue arises.
  • It reduce the microgrid’s downtime, outages, and losses, and shorten the time to repair.
  • A lot of cost saving as no physical technician is required to visit plant regularly.
  • It can help in the maintenance and control of all other solar installations and especially solar microgrids in rural villages.
  • Solar Mitra can use this smart platform to save time in repair and maintenance of solar installations.

Government should adopt these smart systems

Today, 70% of solar street lights are not working in Uttar Pradesh. Since the government establishes a solar system on scale, they fail to monitor its condition and in some years these systems stop working.

The government can use such smart monitoring system and can start using the full capacity of the current installation

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May 4, 2017

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