Solar-as-a-service to the small communities in remote areas

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India’s electricity sector is estimated to be the world’s fourth largest, in terms of installed capacity, yet there is a large, unmet demand for electricity across the country. People, especially in rural and semi-urban areas continue to rely on traditional means of lighting their homes; children continue to study by the light of the kerosene lamp. While government efforts are expected to increase grid connectivity, progress has been slow and the number of under served households is expected to decline by only 5% over the next 10 years.

The challenge is to provide cheap, reliable and self sustainable energy generation techniques to remote hamlets in rural India.


Our Micro Grid solar plant.

They are modern, localized and small scale setups made to provide basic lighting. We sell solar as a service on PAY AS YOU GO model to remotely located hamlets in rural India. Customers pay a very small registration fee followed by a nominal weekly/monthly rent to get 8 hours of reliable light everyday.


  1. Customers pay less than the cost of Kerosene/Diesel every week
  2. Brighter and smokeless light for cooking, eating and studying
  3. Reliable electricity for 8 hours every day
  4. Eliminate Carbon emission and health hazards
Solar Micro Grid for remote hamlets


  • Kerosene lamps, diesel generators, candles: bad light, costly, health hazards
  • Solar Home Systems (SHS): expensive, RoI too long, serves only one purpose
  • Solar Lanterns: low quality, low power, does not serve a full household

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