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Micro Grid Plant in Uttar pradesh

We install Solar Micro Grids for Rural India

Micro grids can save money and provide multiple opportunities for increasing income and employment opportunities for rural population. We provide turnkey solar solutions, which just means that we have all the components to a successful project. Our single Micro Grid provides basic electricity for up to 40 families at a time. As long as the sun shows up in the day time, all the families get uninterrupted lighting for 8 hours every night.

We determine the feasibility and affordability by completing diligence around geographical, electrical, structural and financial components.

We provide customized options that fit the the particular circumstances of a rural area and then deliver the best plan that makes most sense to the villagers and the entities involved.

Our in-house team of engineers and scientists work on the design to custom suit the associated geography to generate the best results from the micro grid plant.

Here we have a twist. We involve local members for implementation, so that we can reduce the after sales maintenance time and cost drastically. We employ QA team to make sure that we have a top class work done in every project.

Our relation with the project and the consumers does not end after successful implementation. We make sure to give them the best service and invite more families to subscribe to the plant on regular basis.

We employ local electricians/technicians and train them to work with us on after sales services.

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School Powered by Solar

We take up your CSR projects

The impact of a small, say, 10KW solar project in a village is far greater than several 100 MW projects elsewhere. Let us call it ‘social solar’. It can provide energy where it is most-needed — for livelihood and providing basic facilities such as drinking water and health. But this is not happening. Not, at least, on the required scale. This is where CSR projects can make a long lasting impact.

Investing in solar power can prove to be most effective for rural India as this social transformation is palpable, monitor-able and measurable.

  • Solve multiple social issues in 1 shot 100%
  • Effective strategy to use CSR 80%
  • Corporate to end user connect 60%
  • Offline/Online Promotion 40%
  • Transparent Plan 20%
  • Smooth Execution 5%

There are three ways of ensuring CSR compliance through solar technology:

  1. Investing in a solar power project for electrification of a village/small part of village.
  2. Adopting a village and implement a solar power system to fulfill their electricity needs.
  3. Providing solar lighting in community places like schools, hospitals, community centers etc.

We have multiple NGO partners across the country. We can work with your organization for your CSR projects that focus on rural development or anything related to renewable energy.

Solar Skilled Labor Program

We provide Solar Technical Training for Rural India

We understand that implementation of any new technology is incomplete without a support team behind that. Now that we provide solar powered solutions is the remotest locations across the country, we make sure that the people there are trained to maintain and secure the systems as much as they can. This in turn increases employment opportunities for the skilled people (technicians/electricians/local entrepreneurs) in that area.

Following is what is covered under this program

  1. Understand the basics of electricity and solar energy,
  2. Understand all equipment related to the solar PV system,
  3. Prepare the necessary technical documents related to the design, installation and operation of the PV system,
  4. Install a solar PV system based on the relevant designs and drawings,
  5. Operate and maintain a solar PV system including identification and troubleshooting of faults,
  6. Ensure safety while installation and operation of the PV system,
  7. Communicate professionally and act responsibly with customers.

Together, we can make it happen !

We work with multiple NGO partners and other organizations to make this happen. If you’re working in the field of rural development, let’s work together. Fill the form on the right and we will contact you shortly.

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