Control of all your Electric Vehicles from a Single Dashboard & Optimize maintenance cost by using real time fault analysis.

Retrofit with your existing Electric Vehicles & make them smart.

Preventative Maintenance

With real-time fault monitoring & detailed operational intelligence, improve day-to-day effectiveness and planning.

Optimize Operational Cost

with all the decision making data avaialble on your desk , optimize your operational costs by arranging scheduled maintenance and reducing dowtimes

Smart Hardware

Smart powerful hardware with low power consumption and small size which fits in any existing EV’s easily

Power of IOT for better Electric Vehicle Management.

Vehicle Dashboard

View vehicle data such as Odometer Distance driven Electricity consumption Battery health and more

Charging Logs

Get details of all charging events Duration Charging power Charger energy

All in one

EV on your finger tips

24×7 Visibility using GPS Over Speed Alerts In absence of network data stored locally

Notification Alerts via SMS/Email when EV is plugged in but not charging

Save Money

Saves a lot of money and energy by eliminating the remote maintenance and troubleshooting issues. Make your Solar system smarter and more efficient

Dynamic Dashboards

Lets you choose from a variety of charts and create personalized dashboards. View everything that your system is doing on a single screen

Rules & instant alerts

Create user defined rules on your solar systems and get alerts via SMS or Email on any data anomalies. TrackSo never lets your system waste any energy produced

Let’s get started

Be informed, Be efficient

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