Using TrackSo we are enabling a
sustainable Waste Management and clean city.

Benefits of Solid Waste Collection and Monitoring System


  • To manage routes and vehicles dynamically through an automated system
  • Monitoring of the vehicle in real time to improve per vehicle productivity & reduce non-compliance
  • Usage and route planning optimization of garbage trucks
  • Rapid management of vehicle breakdown and maintenance
  • Centralised command control center for waste collection and transportation
  • Efficient monitoring and management of waste bins
  • Verification of collection service
  • Automated monitoring of transfer stations, processing centres for daily garbage inward, outward using weigh bridge automation

By 2030, almost two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities. This requires the development of sustainable solutions for urban living. These trends support the development of Smart City concepts, which are intended to improve living in urban areas by using innovative technologies.

8th IGRSM International Conference and Exhibition on Remote Sensing & GIS

TrackSo SWM Features

  • Dumpster Monitoring
  • Waste Collection Schedule
  • Bin Level Monitoring
  • Low-power connectivity
  • Cloud-based analytics

How it Works ?

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