Title Marketing Intern
Start Date 2017-06-01
End Date 2017-07-30
Location Delhi
Job Information
  1. Make us famous in our relevant audience.
  2. Develop a strategy to engage more audience interested in renewable energy.
  3. Handle our social media accounts.
  4. Write regular content for the social media accounts and blogs.
  5. Manage website with new updates
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Title Secondary Research
Start Date 2017-06-01
End Date 2017-07-31
Job Information

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship:

  • Conduct detailed secondary research on current village Solar Micro Grids
  • create a database for solar micro grids installed in rural areas.


  1. Certificate/LoR as requested by you.
  2. Opportunity to work with us on part time projects as an when required.
  3. Flexible work hours.
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Title Intern- Social Media
Location Work from Home
Job Information


  • Maintain Social Media Accounts (LinkedIn)
  • Connect with Professionals on Social Media Platforms


  • Certificates/Recommendation Letters
  • Stipend on performance basis
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