Installed Smart Solar MicroGrid

We’ve installed our first smart solar micro grid in Maharajganj, UP. The system is monitored and controlled with our solar analytics platform TrackSo and also ensure that payments happen in cashless manner.
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A cloud-based solar system monitoring platform

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Skill Development

Providing necessary skills to those who own the solar systems. Reduce your maintenance costs.
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Solar in a Box

A product that can change your life. A portable system to use anywhere, anytime you want. Be it your shop after sunset or your home for cooking, let  there by light.
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Rural Electrification

Our vision is to make every village a ‘Solar Village.’ Do not wait for the electricity to come on its own, let’s work together and make your village an energy independent village.
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Our Expertise

Solar Consultation

We guide you with all the information you need to know before going solar. We understand your requirements, design your system and install it with the highest quality.
Solar Micro Grids provides basic lightning for a small rural community

Smart Micro Grid

Solar micro grids for basic lighting needs of a small rural community. We help you become a Power Entrepreneur & build your own micro grid and sell electricity as a service.
Solar Home System for custom and high power requirement of a rural home

Solar On-Grid PV Systems

Perfect solution for rooftop solar in urban residential, commercial & industrial units. They come with cheapest cost and minimum maintenance.

Solar Farming

A solar system for all your irrigation needs. Do not depend on grid electricity, water your farms with the sunshine.
Solar systems designed for areas with low grid availability.

Solar Off-Grid PV Systems

Solar systems designed for rural & semi urban areas with low grid availability. These systems come with a battery backup of up to 48 hours and 5 years warranty.


IoT for solar system management. We keep a track of all our installations with TrackSo and optimize our post installation operation and costs by up to 25%.
Solar water pumps for all you irrgation needs

Solar PV Hybrid System

An all in one solar system that allows you to store energy for emergency needs. This On-Grid system with battery backup is best suitable where 24×7 electricity is necessary.

Solar Skill Development

With all the solar systems in the country, skill development is necessary to keep them going for their valid lifetime. We train students about installation, maintenance and repair of solar systems.
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