Skill Development Program @ ICOD, West Bengal

Classroom Training


Indian Project member interacting with the trainees after 5 day Skill Development programme.

All Partners


Three partners involved in the project along with nine trainees.

Day 2 at Site


Trainees learning about the Solar PV System on site. Technical know-how is an important part of the project.

Solar Panel Installation


Solar Panels being installed by the trainees as part of the program.

Practical Session


Trainees learning about the solar circuits by testing a solar system under the sun.

We successfully delivered a Skill Development Project on Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Solar PV System for about 9 trainees at ICOD. The 5 day program was done in association with Association Indian Project, a Swiss NGO working in collaboration with Indian NGOs for social development using Solar Technology.

Subjects Covered: Basics of Solar PV System, Circuits and Wiring, Maintenance of a Solar PV System, Monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting

Intereligious Centre of Development (ICOD) is an NGO and a place filled with love, warmth and harmony with men and women from different castes, creed, religion, with or without disability, often rejected by their family and society. Most residential members are destitute or orphan and they do not have a known family. ICOD is their family and a ‘World of Joy’.