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A cloud based solar system monitoring platform to track the performance, spot or predict failures and possible maintenance, giving you a full control over your system without actually being present there.

Affordable and effective hardware device enables TrackSo to perform remote maintenance and troubleshooting for solar systems specifically for products and systems installed in remote & rural areas.


Save upto 50% on O&M


Achieve 100% Bill payments

Compatible with

  • Solar PV Systems (On-Grid, Off-Grid, Microgrid)

  • Solar Thermal Systems (Water Heating and Space Heating)

  • Solar Home Systems

  • Solar Water Pumps

  • Solar Street Light

Connect any solar with Trackso Remote Monitoring

Connect any Solar

Connect any type of solar system to TrackSo and manage its lifecycle.
With our Hardware & Software combo, you can manage, monitor & troubleshoot your systems remotely

Save money with Trackso Remote Monitoring

Save Money

Saves a lot of money and energy by eliminating the remote maintenance and troubleshooting issues.
Make your Solar system smarter and more efficient

Dynamic dashboards on Trackso Remote Monitoring platform

Dynamic Dashboards

Lets you choose from a variety of charts and create personalized dashboards. View everything that your system is doing on a single screen
Configure rules and get instant alerts on Trackso Remote Monitoring platform

Rules & instant alerts

Create user defined rules on your solar systems and get alerts via SMS or Email on any data anomalies.
TrackSo never lets your system waste any energy produced

How it works?

How TrackSo works-Solar Remote Monitoring

TrackSo Hardware is a plug-n-play device can be retrofitted with any MODBUS installation for data acquisition.

> Connect with any RS485 or RS232 ports
> Inbuilt GPRS
> WiFi, RF, Bluetooth, Ethernet can be added as per request
> Industrial grade.


Monitor various brand of inverters or product on single platform


Available on PC, Android & tablets

Plug & Play

Retrofit for any MODBUS network (Ex- RS485/RS232)


API’s available for integration

Let’s get started

Be informed, Be efficient


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Compatible with all leading brands as well as Sunspec certified inverters

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